Our Campaign

With our roots and traditions firmly in place, we are looking ahead. Our motto, Verax Tum Audax, calls on us to Dare to be True, and so we have dared to envision an even stronger future. Through extensive consultation with stakeholders and experts in education, we have created a shared vision for our school that leverages the fundamental values and advantages of a Sacred Heart experience. This, in turn, has become our Dare to Be Capital Campaign - a $6M initiative that is focused on three significant pillars:

Campaign Pillars

$2.75 Million

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    The environment in which our students learn and play is critical to their success. Creating welcoming, safe, and inspiring surroundings augments the experience for our students and instills in them a sense of pride. As part of the Campus Renewal plan, we will invest in: 
    • Creating safe, age-appropriate spaces for classes, play, physical activity and co-ed social interactions; 
    • Redesigning traffic flow and entry points to improve student and pedestrian safety; 
    • Creating a community gathering space for students, faculty and families; 
    • Continuing to maintain and preserve our historic building while improving environmental efficiency.

$2 Million

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    Diversity, as a reflection of our community and our values, is a key component of the Sacred Heart experience. To ensure our School offers a more robust and representative experience, we will expand our Bursary Program to welcome more students into our community who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford full tuition.

$1.25 Million

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    While we already provide an outstanding education at Sacred Heart, we know that in the face of new technology, changing global priorities, and emerging trends in learning, we must be nimble and innovative, not just to adapt, but to excel. Measures that will elevate our programming to new levels include: 
    • Increased support for students with differentiated learning needs through increased and focused professional development for our faculty; 
    • Purposeful and thoughtful integration of new and innovative programs and technology into the classroom; 
    • Broadening intercultural learning and the sharing of ideas and skills through exchanges within the Sacred Heart Network and expanded International Homestay program; 
    • Leveraging our unique single-gender experience to position ourselves as the recognized leader and go-to resource not just in the region, but in the country.

Campaign Team

5820 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 1X8
Miriam Regan, Director of Advancement
902-422-4459 mregan@shsh.ca

Lois Dyer Mann, Campaign Co-Chair

Rob Barbara, Campaign Co-Chair

Veronica Lawen, Campaign Co-Chair